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Experience 1 e4 e5 with Mr MO!
(Update no.31, April 2002)


New Highlights


The e-pawn emperor's next e4-e5 'monthly update' will be posted at in early June 2002 (or sooner), and in the meantime he will, as always, reply personally to as many e-mail messages as possible which come to Right now, though, on our Internet site there's a tasty new collection of fresh games with some sneaky embedded puzzles waiting to bring you endless hours of enjoyment in a juicy April update.

All this month's new games are easily downloaded in PGN format using ChessPub.exe, open ChessPub.exe, put the date on, say, 22nd April 2002, and then click on '1 e4 e5', over on the right. All these games should appear (and the new ChessPub Guides, too)!

You can also enter the specific ECO code if you are only interested in a particular opening. Download PGN of April '02 1 e4 e5 games

New Highlights

Tons of fresh mouth-watering goodies await us, including a dynamic duo of decisive battles (namely G13.107-G13.108) involving the Ruy Lopez and a super set of stars such as GMs Beliavsky, Godena, Hebden, Tseshkovsky...The action moves into maximum overdrive with the Max Lange Attack and a fast 1-0 win in Ker versus Croad (G12.38). Black strikes back to scorch 'The Scotch' in the clash De la Paz-Bruzon (G9.29), and White gets pulverised by 'The Petroff' in two of the three games G7.24-G7.26, featuring grandmasters Miton, Shirov, Short, Ulibin, plus a most significant little match-up Thao-Pourkashiyan from the Asian Youth Championship.

In G6.16, France's big GM Jean-Marc Degraeve scores a quick knockout against S.Kasparov (i.e. NOT "Gazza"!) as a variation of Philidor's Defence gets filled in. And the Centre Game suffers a heavy blow too in the encounter Smith-Ferguson (G1.7).

Full speed ahead now, and enjoy the feast!

Very Best Wishes,
Yours Sincerely,
Paul Motwani.