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It seems with the weather getting a bit better the desire to play the KID drops down a bit but we still managed to select some very interesting games, as usual. In a few games we can learn that some equal middlegame positions are actually not equal and there is also one brilliant attacking game that is worth seeing and one final position which seems totally equal but is not at all.

Download PGN of May ’23 KID games

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Makagonov System 5.h3 Nbd7 6.Be3 e5 7.Nge2 [E71]

Li, D - Jacobsson, B was in the Makagonov System even if a few moves later, after 9 g4, it looked a bit like the fianchetto line:

White kept playing very original chess and later decided to give a free knight almost for nothing with 19. Nf5 However, he got good compensation and the game was very sharp. Black missed a few chances to gain a big advantage, then it was Whites turn to do the same, and in the end this exciting game went into an equal endgame and was drawn.

Karpov Variation 6.Be3 e5 7.d5 Na6 8.h4 [E73]

Sarana, A - Chigaev, M was a Karpov Variation where White made a strange early mistake with 11 h6, probably underestimating the reply 11....d4:

It turned out that Black was already a bit better even without his famous bishop .White left his king in the centre and opened the game, but this allowed Black to get a strong attack which he managed to finish off with a nice combination and won the game.

Classical Variation 6.Bd3 Bg4 7.Be2 Nfd7 [E90]

Jacobsson, B - Aravindh, C featured a strange line which I personally only saw for the second time here, although there have been some previous games. In the Classical White goes first 6.Bd3 and after 6...Bg4 simply goes back with 7.Be2. Of course, Black is fine, but later White decided to castle long which sparked the game and Black started his attack first with the standard break 18....b5:

Then he found a nice idea to make a strong attack and the finish was just brilliant with 24....Qb3!! deserving special mention as probably the move of the month:

A very nice attack and Black won.

Classical Variation 7.0-0 h6 8.dxe5 [E91]

Beydullaeva, G - Gareyev, T started as a Classical but after 7...h6 it went into a kind of Exchange System where Black loses the h pawn.

He preferred not to take the pawn back immediately but to develop and play for the initiative. However, White just managed to exchange everything and Black was forced to make a draw even though he had a much better rating.

Classical Variation 7...Na6 8.Be3 Qe7 [E94]

Mendonca, L - Sadikhov, U was in the Classical line with 7...Na6 and then 8...Qe7:

The game moved into common patterns where Black was playing on both sides and White focusing on the centre. After that White got an edge but it looked complicated .Black tried to get counterplay but made a few inaccurate moves and in the end White won the game by using his passed b pawn.

Davtyan, A - Yakubboev, N was in the same line as the previous game but in the system with 9 dxe5. White took the unusual decision to allow the trade of his dark square bishop since the game was closed. But later Black found very good idea 17 ...Nb8:

later on Black took the initiative with 23....b5 and after that was totally winning but missed a few chances. In the end White managed to find a beautiful idea to get a perpetual and escaped with a draw.

Classical, Bayonet Attack 9...Ne8 10.a4 f5 11.a5 Nf6 [E97]

Tin, J - Setyaki, A was in the Bayonet Attack with 10.a4:

Black played some normal moves but got a slightly passive position. White traded some minor pieces and got a seemingly slight edge which he converted surprisingly il even if Black did not make any big mistakes, I think we can learn from looking at the evaluation bar of the engines why they are better than us. Around move 25 they show big edge where many even top players will probably not see it.

Blohberger, F - Naumann, A was also in the Bayonet Attack, with a similar line to the previous game: Black did everything okay and got a decent game. White got a slight edge and was trying to push. Black defended well until the end where he probably did not expect this to be losing:

This final position deserves to be seen as the Black king is unable to do anything.

Till next month, Marian

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