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Experience 1 e4 e5 with Mr MO!
(Update no.35, August 2002)


New Highlights


The e-pawn emperor's next e4-e5 'monthly update' will be posted at in early October 2002 (or sooner), and in the meantime he will, as always, reply personally to as many e-mail messages as possible which come to Right now, though, on our Internet site there's a tasty new collection of fresh games with some sneaky embedded puzzles waiting to bring you endless hours of enjoyment in a juicy August update.

Download PGN of August '02 1 e4 e5 games

New Highlights

Tons of fresh mouth-watering goodies await us, including a great quartet of games (namely G13.120-G13.123) involving the Ruy Lopez and a super set of stars such as Vishy Anand, Ruslan Ponomariov, Ramachadran Ramesh, Jonathan Rowson, Shukrat Safin,...

We also have the clashes Karjakin-Malinin (G9.30) and Hort-Zindel (G9.31) in which the Scotch Game scorches the opposition, but Black strikes back in the dynamic duo of games Huisman-Lejarre (G4.53) and Sowray-Van Perlo (G4.54) where the King's Gambit gets clobbered! However, that most dashing of all e4-e5 openings does succeed in bringing White a win after only ten (!!) moves in Carmes-Bonnekamp (G4.55).

And that's not all. Super-GM Igor Glek employs one of his (many) effective pet systems to notch up a miniature 25-move victory in G11.22, a black (k)nightmare in the Four Knights Opening!

Now you know what to expect. So, full speed ahead, and enjoy the feast!

Very Best Wishes,
Yours Sincerely,
Paul Motwani.