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Happy New Year to all our subscribers!

My computer problems are now over, finally, and I can again work in good conditions. I had wanted to offer you some new ideas in the Two Knights but I had too little time to do this properly. So, instead, I have mainly concentrated on games from the World Cup and the Russian Championship.

I know that I haven't covered the Scotch yet, but I promise that I will include some games in this line next time, especially since its main advocate, Rublevsky, is now the winner of the Russian Super Championship. Olivier

Download PGN of December '05 1 e4 e5 games

Latest news at the highest level

The first game is a fantastic fight between the 'rising star' P. Svidler and the ex-world Champion A. Khalifman. Black played a relatively new idea in a rare line of the Möller Attack, 12...Qe8!?:

Svidler was soon on the verge of losing but used his tactical power to escape by a miracle.

The second game is an anti-Marshall played by one of the strongest representatives of the new generation, A. Grishuk, against G. Kamsky who, after a prolonged absence from the chess scene, actually managed to qualify for the next cycle!!

Gata was surprised in the opening by 8 h3:

and White gained an overwhelming advantage, which was concluded by a nice sacrifice. An important game for all players who want to avoid the Marshall.

I have chosen the third game to deal with an old line of the Zaïtsev variation where Nikolic tried to rehabilitate the ...Qd7 idea:

Haba, who had the white pieces, later found an amazing sacrifice to gain the advantage. You must have a look at this game!

Nowadays it is impossible to play the Spanish with White without having prepared something against the Berlin defence. Kasparov knows something about this!

Topalov followed Kramnik's footsteps and utilized it in San Luis with great success, but I very much liked the way Kasimdzhanov played against him with White, and in Game 4 we will follow a very nice performance from Shirov who tried the same plan with White here, comprising a later Nd4, f4, and Ne4:

For those, like me, who have problems properly understanding this line, I strongly advise them to have a look at this game.

Game 5 is a theoretical draw of only 17 moves between two of the best players in the World. I decided to utilize this game in the Exchange Spanish to make a summary of the theoretical state of the line with 5..Bg4 and 6...h5:

It seems to me that this is a very good choice to make a solid draw with Black, and perhaps get even more if White takes too many risks. I know that many players don't know how to deal with 4 Bxc6 and therefore this might provide a good answer for them.

Game 6 is a fantastic fight in the Central Attack variation:

Grischuk, with Black, sacrificed a pawn but Kamsky defended well. It seemed that Gata was on the point of getting his revenge but Grischuk developed an amazing concept to create a very complex endgame with a queen for rook and two pieces. Short of time, Gata was unable to defend properly and Black drew, from a position of force, after 70 moves.

I await your mails with your suggestions and your improvements on my analysis! Nobody is perfect! Best wishes,


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