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Hero of the Month

Luc Henris

A significant event in the life of the King's Gambit happened in the Belgian town of Uccle at the time of 23:45 on Thursday 20 August 1959, when Luc Henris was born! Although 'baby' Luc did not actually start playing chess until the age of 15, he then quickly developed a fervent love for the 'f for forward' move 2 f4 after 1 e4 e5, and today it is still one of the best point-scoring weapons in the repertoire of F.I.D.E. Master Luc Henris.

He feels so 'at home' playing the King's Gambit, that even in 1979 when he had only 'known' the opening for less than five years, it brought him a super-speedy victory against Sammy Rubinstein, son of the great Akiba Rubinstein (12.10.1882-14.3.1961). In game G4.15 you can SEE LUC HENRIS'S SURE CHESS LINE, but now I'll conclude this passage with the light amusing note that, in the 26 bold letters given above, the first 13 letters can be rearranged exactly to match the last 13 letters!

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