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What's New (September 2004 update)

Not John!Hi Everyone! It's the Dragon site's Chris Ward here and I'm standing in for John who has gone off with the England team to manage the ladies at the Olympiad in Majorca. This update's games will surely be a little different than what you normally get. They are all recent but my coverage for September 2004 concentrates on the lesser known lines. Yep, I'm afraid that there are no Classical Nimzo's and not even a sniff of 4 e3, both of which will no doubt will be straight back on the agenda when John returns.

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Download PGN of September '04 Nimzo and Benoni games

Anyway getting to the point I have for you:

Erdos - llincic: A rare move for Black in the 'Leningrad' which nevertheless leads to a standard situation. An interesting tussle between two strong players.

Kaiser - Saiboulatov: Another 4 Bg5 Nimzo:

featuring a commonly surprising mistake.

Vanlerburgh - Ward: I don't think you'll find this encounter anywhere else. In this one White probably wished he'd preferred Bg5 rather than a wimpy Bd2:

Clearly Black can win these type of positions.

Abdel Razik-Timoshenko: A very interesting 'Sämisch variation' involving a surprisingly early e4:

Tipu - Henry: Continuing this month's offbeat Nimzo theme we have a 4 f3 encounter:

which is painful in the extreme. Black players take heed.

Socko - Ezat: I could be wrong but I think for the first time on this site, a 'Czech Benoni'. Well actually as Black favoured 5...g6 over 5...Be7:

then it was a King's Indian hybrid (the precise name of which eludes me at this second) which turned into a sort of KI Sämisch variation.

That's it from me. Maybe see you back here on this site one day or else why not tune into the Dragon!?

Best Wishes