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What's New- February 2004

Hi everyone!

To download the February '04 Anti-Sicilian games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

Whats Hot?

2 c3 Sicilian [B22]

If you want to play something different then why not try 1 e4 c5 2 c3 Nf6 3 e5 Nd5 and now 4 g3:

A favourite of the grandmaster Rozentalis.

Mala - Alonso is a good example of how the kingside fianchetto can work wonders in the middlegame.

The game Erenburg - Teterev sees White emerging from the opening only with equality but manages to gradually improve until his opponent goes astray.

A slightly different approach by Black is explored in Nuevo Perez-Komljenovic which works well and results in a hard fought victory.

Star game of the month

Star Game of the month is Mullon - Terrieux which examines 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 and now 3...Nd4:

White plays energetically in the opening and soon has a positionally won game.

Opening Survey

This month the opening survey is on the Closed Sicilian [B25] due to a request by Paul Brown from London who wanted a look at one of the old main lines: 1 e4 c5 2 Nc3 Nc6 3 g3 g6 4 Bg2 Bg7 5 d3 d6 6 f4 e6 7Nf3 Nge7 8 0-0 0-0 9 Be3 Nd4 and now 10 Rb1:

This is an old favourite of Karpov who used to like the safe edge that it guaranteed.

The first game is Meinichuk - Arutlunov where White patiently waits for a breakthrough and then plays a knockout blow.

White will be also be encouraged by Player - Jones where Black plays reasonably but eventually succumbs to a kingside attack.

Just before Black thinks he should instead try the French Defence help is on hand with the classic encounter Spassky - Portisch, where the high-level game ends in Black's favour.

Rodriguez - Felgaer is a tense game with lots of manoeuvring with White getting the initiative but finally it is drawn.

I welcome e-mails and games from subscribers, and you can always write on the Anti-Sicilians Forum.