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What's New- May 2003

Hello everyone! First, after nearly four years, a new look! Second, there is another new review on my Reviews page.

To download the May '03 Anti-Sicilian games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

Whats Hot?

Dr. Michael Ridge from Edinburgh University wanted to know about the line in the C3 Sicilian, which occurs after 1 e4 c5 2 c3 e5 3 Nf3 Nc6 4 Bc4 and now 4...Be7.

It has not got a good reputation but how to beat it?

Cherniaev - Webb is a top class example of White playing positively.

Black goes wrong in the opening in the game Bade - Pfretzschner and is crushed in just 23 moves.

Kavitha - Sattar sees Black going wrong early in the opening but a fight back ensures victory.

Star game of the month

The star game of the month is Milman - Ehlvest, where an American employs the Smith-Morra Gambit and with a brilliant attack forces his Grandmaster opponent to resign after just 21 moves!

Opening Survey - The Closed Sicilian [B24]

George Caldis from Greece wonders how to handle Black's defence against his aggressive looking 6 Be3 in the Closed Sicilian when ...e5 and ...Be7 are played?

Gieseke - Eberl is fun for White who wants to attack in style.

The game Alvarino Cazon-Ramos Garcia is a good example of how White can change his system to meet Black's set-up.

It is not all one-way traffic because Hofman - Carstensen sees Black winning in just 15 moves.

Matseyko - Kovalchuk is an example of White slowly trying to use his space advantage.

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