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Hi everyone!
Just as this update was being sent off an e-mail came in about the Yugoslav 9 g4 Be6 10 Nxe6 which has previously been given as '?!' in older Dragon text books and indeed on this site. I will refer to that e-mail specifically next month but rest assured that Gawain and I have both been considering whether that assessment should be altered in light of recent games.
Please note that I have decided to completely revamp one of the Classical Roadmaps, so there are are now two new sections in both the PDF eBook and the Playable eBook (not to mention some new games!) so download these now!

Download PGN of April '10 Dragon Sicilian games

I can promise you then that more will follow on the 10 Nxe6 subject but for now then kicking off this update we have:

Vallejo Pons-Carlsson Will this provoke a significant theoretical change?

Iuldachev - Guisenov is one of those (effectively) 10 Bb3 Yugoslavs but the swift ...Nxd4 and ...b5 has always seemed reasonable to me for Black:

and this game certainly doesn't alter my view.

Moving on and into the Chinese Variation, and in Flores Rios-Papp Gawain saw a good moment to investigate just what happens if White accepts Black's b-pawn offering:

Interesting stuff!

On to the 9 0-0-0 Yugoslav Attack and Yemelin - Uzhva is something Black might like to forget, or rather not as he won't want to lose like that again! This game shows why Black can't afford to be casual in such positions and probably why after 9...Nxd4 10 Bxd4 the move 10...Qa5 isn't an improvement over 10...Be6:

Then we have two Classical Dragon encounters. In De Firmian-Kudrin an interesting comparison is made between the quick f4 with or without a-pawn advances and then Yakovich - Erdogdu tackles arguably the sharpest of the Classical lines, 10 g4:

Okay, we'll be back real soon

Chris and Gawain

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