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Hi guys!
I hope you won't be disappointed this month because I've certainly put plenty of work into this August update in which I have for you:

Download PGN of August '07 Dragon Sicilian games

Ciuksyte - Hanley: A new (for this site) idea in a familiar position of the Dragadorf, 12 h4:

This ultimately proved victorious here but shouldn't really have.

Guliyev - Laurent: A really impressive display by the underdog in this game with an interesting early ...h5 Yugoslav Attack delaying castles line:

I find this whole concept very interesting. Just watch that king's rook go!

Korneev - Aloma Vidal: I used this recent game to summarise the current state of play in this 9 0-0-0 d5 line with 14...Rb8 that still seems to be standing the test of time:

Mason - Ward: Yes I finally got to play the Dragon again and although the main game itself doesn't offer as much theoretical value from a Black perspective as the notes, I'm sure that you won't be disappointed with the tactics and ideas content.

Jong, Rowell-Southwell: The site thanks Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic for this submission in which he annotates one of his pupil's games in the Soltis variation. As usual I have affixed my additional comments with CHRIS:

Ivanchuk - Evdokimov: It was about time we had another Accelerated Dragon and this month I'm featuring the recently played but rare 10...a5:

The move ultimately earns a creditable draw in this high level encounter but you can judge for yourself (naturally taking into consideration my notes!) whether it will pose a serious threat to the Maroczy Bind.

I hope you are well and I'll be back in September.

Best wishes Chris

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