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What's New in December 2002?

Well everyone I'm back and very determined to get these updates back on track. I've had so much on my plate but my intention is to supply you with January's update in about a week and February's just before the end of the month. Don't worry though they won't be rushed and I have saved up plenty of interesting games to show you.

Of course many of you will also have noticed the new Forum thingy! Okay I only visited it for the first time the other day but I will be on its case again soon.

Thanks for all your mail. I will try to answer all of it in a grab-bag next month although in the future possibly that will be superceded by forum debates.

You may notice that Eddy Dearing has sent in some analysis (and I thank him for that) possibly spelling very bad news for a ...Qa5 line (briefly though I don't think it's all doom and gloom). I will post all that here with my views in the January update in just a few days time. By all means though, anybody else feel free to send in their comments too.

To download the December '02 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games

On to this month and I have 5 (I believe very reasonably annotated encounters!?) for you:

Jossien - Ward:

A gem (?!) that you will never get to see anywhere else. What happens when you attempt the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon and White doesn't want an Open Sicilian? Strictly speaking perhaps this doesn't belong on this section but in my opinion it is very relevant. More Standard Accelerated Dragons are on their way soon!

Gopal - Carlsson:

A rare outing on this site for the 'Soltis variation'.

Marechal - Golubev:

The first of three 9 0-0-0 Yugoslav Attacks. Here 9...Bd7, there are obviously similarities with the 'Soltis'.

Peter - Moret:

Very hot off the press (okay so dates have got a bit mixed up although there is no strict rule there), a French league game involving a club mate. 9...Nxd4 at its best and worst!

Pert - Snape:

A short encounter in the 9...d5 line. Low on moves, but high on theoretical implications.

Best Wishes,