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Hello everybody!

Sorry for the delay guys but I have six offerings for you in this update:

Download PGN of December '05 Dragon Sicilian games

Erenburg - Sakaev: From Black's point of view a very impressive Dragadorf variation.

Perhaps this isn't just a phase that will pass!?

Shaw - Tan: The second time we have seen this sharp attempt to refute the 'Chinese variation':

but for White it does seem to be a case of 'back to the drawing board'!

Eames - Snape: A rare (for this site) look at one of the main lines of the Soltis variation:

Is the Dragon just a draw?

Kobese - Wu: Wow! An outright attempt at refuting the Dragon and despite its dismissal here, possibly something worth investing time in:

Very interesting stuff!

Movsisyan-O'Neill: I really never thought that I would see this here (well okay I didn't have to put it in!) but in a throwback to the old days we see Black fall for a very old trap:

Babic - Brulic: Bad news for Black again, this time in a Hyper-Accelerated Dragon:

The opening isn't to blame here though as a basic miscalculation occurs. It is an easy one to make though, and by viewing this now you may save a point in the future (probably not though!)

See you in a few days.



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