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What's new in February 2004

Hi guys!

Now you may or may not have noticed that I visited the forums the other day. I may have not left many messages but I can assure you that I spent a long time looking at the posts. I have to say that it is really impressive although there is perhaps a tad too much sarcasm occasionally. I know, talk about the pot calling the kettle 'Black'!


Anyway I'm hoping that everyone is going to read this so that they will know that I never deliberately ignore people. Sure, punctuality might not be my speciality and it appears that I annotate fewer games than the other sites. However if Tony forwards something to me (a question, some annotations, whatever.) then I will take a look at it and if of interest to the general population, include it in an update. Perhaps if there is a subscriber out there that spots a hot topic on the forum that they really want me to address then they could send drop me a line and I will do what you guys want.

First of all you see, I don't want you guys (and girls?) to think that I'm ignoring you. I'm not; honest! Secondly I don't necessarily know all the answers! Reading the posts I kept getting this feeling that some thought I was deliberately with-holding material, perhaps ready for 'Winning with the Dragon 3'. Well I'm not and furthermore my memory isn't the greatest in the World either! Truth be told, though it is a little unprofessional, I have played the Dragon knowing that there could be a problem if White plays what I might be worried about. Nevertheless I had hoped that over-the board inspiration might save me!

To download the February '04 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games

On a personal repertoire basis I have more recently been very interested in the Chinese variation (as esteemed visitor Mr Golubev has observed, ...Rb8 in the 9 Bc4 rather than 9 0-0-0 variation). The ...Qa5 line has encountered a few problems but I haven't given up. New ideas as always will surface. In 9 0-0-0 Nxd4 10 Bxd4 Be6 11 Kb1 the razzing the h-pawn up the board idea is critical and I will naturally be monitoring that situation.

With reference to the above this month we have:

Srebrnic - Cebalo: Queen a5 is dead (somebody certainly doesn't think so!). Long live Queen a5!

The position just before Black doubles his rooks.

Milos - Vera: The same again. Black doesn't win but would you really have turned away this position?

Tischbierek - Muse: A 9 g4 Yugoslav with an interesting if not entirely relevant Black novelty:

Stern - Ellis: Some may have seen this 9 0-0-0 d5 10 h4 submission on the forum.

Actually I do wonder whether the occasional forum member hasn't seen the annotated games. Is that possible (hmm I'll have to ask Tony). Anyway 'Amateur Dragoneer' certainly does and here are my comments on his game.

Richards - Ward: A Dragon game of my own! Not exactly a Yugoslav, but not exactly a Classical either!

The thematic freeing move!

Samsonkin - Murali Krishnan: Can you believe your eyes? I certainly couldn't. Dragon players, beware the Levenfish!

Black is about to play a couple of terrible blunders!

Thank you for the recent bunch of questions. I will deal with them and any others in a grab-bag in the soon to follow March update.

Bye for now!


To get in touch with me, either leave a message for me on the Dragons Forum, or email me at Chris (for subscribers only!)