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Hi everyone,
Sorry, this update has been so start-stop that I've almost forgotten what games I've annotated. However looking back now I can see that I have for your enjoyment:

Download PGN of February '08 Dragon Sicilian games

Zsiltzova Lisenko-Shumilov: An interesting sort of new (certainly for this site) idea in the Levenfish. Black plays ...Nbd7 to prevent e4-e5 but White plays it anyway:

Definitely a dangerous weapon so Black players take note.

Praude - Parmar: A debut in the Dragadorf for an up and coming England ladies player. Amisha will learn from this game and it is my hope that others will too!?

Varavin - Abdullin: More Yugoslav Attack 9 Bc4 Nd7:

This time with a look at the two knights versus two bishops scenario.

And then we have two interesting 9 Bc4 Yugoslavs in the anti-Rc8 systems including:

Negi - Carlsson: Featuring an intriguing exchange sacrifice.

Ganguly - Le Quang Liem: Black offloads a pawn with 14...b5:

but White raises the stakes in a very interesting encounter.

Alas the update ends in a whimper with ...

Bu Xiangzhi-Ni Hua: Far from exciting stuff in the Marozy Bind. This one carries a health warning!

I'll be back! (soon!) Chris

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