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Hi people!
First, this update is a little late as we wanted to produce a new-style Accelerated Dragons playable eBook at the same time - download it now!
Okay enough chit chat, now on with the content and in order this month we bring you:

Download PGN of February '10 Dragon Sicilian games

Rodriguez - Corrales which offers us something slightly different in the 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack 9...Nd7 variation:

Keep an eye out for that ...f5 idea.

Boros - Stocek looks as though it was going to be a trendy Kb1 with g4 system but actually by transposition ends up in an old fashioned ...Rc8 line. Not sure it will take off but each to his/her own.

Zambriana - Fier Staying with the 9 Bc4 Yugoslav (as does the next game) but here it's an early Bb3:

Even I'm getting confused about this ...bxa4 or ...b4 debate!

Ramnath - Navalgund. Gawain's last annotation for Feb 2010 is an appealing (for Black!) Chinese variation. Despite the final outcome, we all thought the second player stood okay in that high profile Carlsen-Radjabov game but after home study an improvement (or at least tricky deviation!) is prepared and boy does it pay off!

Over to me and Caruana - Fruebing is a warning to Black players trying to follow in the footsteps of Magnus and co. Swapping off the queens in the 9 0-0-0 d5 with ...Bxd4 and ...Qb6 (but not there-you'll see what I mean!)

... can seriously damage your health!

Finally, Van Kampen-Lie is a hyper-accelerated Dragon and prompted by a subscriber request features a debut for 7...Nb6:

Could this be the way ahead? Well, we'll see!

Okay we'll be back soon. Bye for now.

Chris and Gawain

To get in touch with me, either leave a message for me on the Dragons Forum, or email me at Chris (for subscribers only!)