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What's new in January 2004

Hi everyone!

Alright it might sound a little late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I did a lot of writing for the last update and so this time I'm going to keep it short and sweet! So on to the games:

To download the January '04 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games

Karjakin - Romero Holmes: ...a6 and ...h6 in the Yugoslav Attack:

Whatever's next?

Tissir - Elgabry: Equally offbeat; an unusual way to meet the 9 0-0-0 Yugo:

Semprun - Prada: A donation to this site gratefully accepted. I scrutinize a generous subscriber's analysis on a line that could possibly keep the ...Qa5 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack on the map.

Note I said 'could'!

Hansen - Polzin: Black equalises without breaking a sweat in the quieter 6 Bc4 variation:

Murillo - Iraheta: Things go horribly wrong very quickly for Black in this not so solid Classical Dragon encounter:

And two Accelerated Dragons with a point to be made about White's f-pawn:

Parmar - Rigby


Ward - Parmar-Anon:

where Freddy the f-pawn is on active duty!

Finally a kind of Hyper Accelerated Dragon revisited:

Zhornik - Nechaev.

I'll be back again soon.


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