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After an initial flurry of excitement and hard work I'm finally starting to get back on top of my life!

My February update will include:

  • A review of Eddy Dearing's new book on the Dragon.
  • A grab-bag with all your mail that (thank you!) is starting to accrue.
  • A look at Andrew Martin's alleged refutation of the 9 Bc4 and ...Qa5 variation.

That will be in just a few days but for January ...

Download PGN of January '05 Dragon Sicilian games

I had wanted to wait until I'd played at Gibraltar (I'm aiming to play more chess this year) so that I could hopefully supply you with a Dragon game or two. The circumstances (and the result) though were far from how I would have wanted them in Kiril - Georgiev-Ward!

Here my opponent had just played the dull 12 Nd5.

I intend to liaise a bit more with English IM Richard Pert and rapidly improving, soon to be GM, Simon Williams (who generally seems to have ditched the French Defence in favour of our favourite opening) on Dragon developments and www.chesspublishing subscribers should reap the rewards of this.

This month Richard has kindly donated a couple of annotations with carefully selected additional comments from me: Arsenault - Pert, and Bordi - Pert, where Black successfully plays a new setup:

On top of this we have two theoretically important draws:

Pupo - Tiviakov with another ...h5 line:

And then Delchev - Cebalo.

Whilst in a recent TWIC I seemed to have spotted a particularly bizarre Dragon encounter in Poletov - Gorbunov:

Perhaps Black touched his rook and forgot to move his king after?!

Some focus will be back on the Accelerated Dragon soon too.

See you real soon.


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