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What's new in July 2003

Hi everyone!

Well I'm back from my travels and I am eager to send this update off to the boss before the end of the month so here it is!

To download the July '03 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games.

For me the 25th July is going to go down in history as a dark day. Not only did I lose my first Dragon game in I believe 5 years (I needed to win for a chance to win the tournament) but one of my pupils lost in the exactly the same variation but a different part of Europe!

Theoretically though neither

De Firmian-Ward which featured the following exchange sac:


Haslinger - Woodward which is a slight variation:

are all doom and gloom for Black.

Also not a great result the encounter

Lakos - Cebalo is a real puzzle.

Nevertheless as you will read I am determined to get to the bottom of that story.

On a more upbeat note I received a nice letter of gratitude and a couple of corresponding Dragon victories based on themes seen on our site. Not such a high level but

Valden - Engstrom certainly has some entertainment value!

Top players doing battle in yet another currently critical Yugoslav Attack line.

Finally there is an Accelerated Dragon that also goes pear-shaped for White in Trabert - Teske:

Can White grab the pawn? Definitely a trap worth noting.

That's it for now folks but I'll be back soon with some more thrills and spills in August.



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