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What's New in July 2004

Hi guys!

I notice that Mr Tiviakov has now successfully employed the Chinese Dragon variation himself which should stamp some sort of approval on the line. It wasn't the most thrilling of encounters but rather to be used as a note (no doubt to be revisited in the future), so for now I have added it to a replacement of last month's annotated Carvalho da Silva-Da Costa Junior.


To download the July '04 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games

Also this month we have:

Carreto Nietto-Taylor: Surely not ...Qa5 back in fashion?

Yep, the good old non-pawn shattering ...Rxc3 exchange sac debate is back on the agenda.

Shabalov - Kiewra: The 9 0-0-0 Yugoslav Attack with a warning for Black not to get too complacent in theoretically comfortable lines.

Rijnaarts - Tan: Still with 9 0-0-0 d5 and a good demonstration by Black of the art of attack and defence.

Muhren - Littlewood: Exciting stuff for the English International Master:

and I'm not talking about the very attractive appearance of his female opponent!

Al Sayed-Cheparinov: Some sympathy for White who discovers a Fritz like tactic here:

but sadly also how resilient the Dragon can be!

Now both in the Levenfish, as a sort of beginners corner (not for the squeamish!):

Danneel - Heidinga: Yes again!

Van Kesteran-Van Dam: No not Jean-Claude, but Black does do a spot of kickboxing!

That's all for now. I'm relying on you guys to inform me if anything critical (but not about me!) appears on the forum. Other than that please keep the mail coming in and if you think that there is something that I still haven't answered please re-submit it.

Am hoping for a Dragon or two at the British Championship and will get back to you after that.

Best wishes,


To get in touch with me, either leave a message for me on the Dragons Forum, or email me at Chris (for subscribers only!)