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Hi everyone!

Well obviously there is another review of Edward Dearing's 'Play The Dragon' which has made me have a re-think of the one I did on this site. Indeed I've noticed two more glaring errors. (Ed - Eric Moscow lent Sergei Tiviakov a copy of Eddie's 'Play The Dragon' and he promptly slated it in a New In Chess review.)

1) There is very little on 1...e6 and indeed it seems to completely ignore the French Defence altogether!

2) The novelty 26 Rc5 in the King's Indian Samisch that I am about to unleash has not even been considered.

All I can say is "Eric, don't go giving Sergei any of my Dragon books" and "Eddie, harsh dude!".

Download PGN of July '05 Dragon Sicilian games

Anyway this month's update, as usual based on recent games, includes two 9 0-0-0 d5 non main line Yugoslav Attack encounters:

Zhang Zhong-Bu Xiangzhi, and Atakisi - Asauskas:

Mieles - Alonso: A 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack and an attempt to avoid the Chinese Dragon with 10 Bb3 (by transposition):

Two games in the currently trendy 'Dragondorf':

Kurnosov - Kristjansson, and Ibarra - Vasilev.

Also instructive is Sedlak - Penko, a 6 Nc2 Accelerated Dragon:

Wojcicki - Krzymowski features in 'Beginners corner' (relatively speaking and with no offence intended to the players in question!), an apparently common mistake in the 6 Bc4 line:

What should Black play?

Well I managed to win the Ghent open and am soon off to the British Championship. Hope you are all well and I'll see you all back here soon.

Best wishes,


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