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Hi everyone!

Well, I've not long finished work on the last book that I plan writing for a long while to come, and so that should leave me with plenty of time to dedicate to this site in the future. Although I have been very busy, I wanted to get this out before leaving for the British Championships. No Dragon games of my own to report on from my last tournament but who knows what the next fortnight holds!?

Download PGN of July '06 Dragon Sicilian games

Anyway without further ado, this month I have some Yugoslav Attacks for you, starting with three 9 Bc4 Yugoslav's with ...Qa5:

Yep, it continues to be played even at high levels but in truth there is nothing particularly new to report on...

The whole of Meijers - Gaponenko has been played before, although in the previous examples White didn't resign so early! Another curious fact is these two are husband and wife ...! Humm?!

Hansen - Roeder brought back all sorts of painful memories of my game against John Nunn that I detailed in my WWTD2 book and here, as well.

This is the position after 17...Re8.

In Mista - Cernousek after 17 e5:

Black tried 17...dxe5?!, instead of retreating his knight, but it was no improvement.

Staying with 9 Bc4, but this time with 9...Nxd4, we have Korbut - Zakurdjaeva featuring 10...Be6:

an old favourite variation of Bent Larsen's.

Then there is a 9 0-0-0 d5 variation in Kjartansson - Nagy:

There can be no denying that 14...Re8, reaching the diagram position, still remains the main line.

And to wrap things up, Domany - Kojovic is a a trendy Dragadorf encounter...

That's it for now. Stay tuned.


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