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Hi guys!
I said I'd be back soon and here I am!

Download PGN of July '07 Dragon Sicilian games

Anyway I notice that there were a lot of draws in the Dragon in this month but Yankovsky - Smirnov: wasn't one of them! What a bizarre encounter with the theoretical conclusion being that 5...Qxc5 is a bit suspicious in the Hyper-Accelerated system with 6 Nd5!? being a decent attempt at an outright refutation:

In the 'real' Dragon department we have:

Danin - Azarov: Okay then not a 'real' Dragon as this is a dull Classical line. Still Black was able to liven things up and I quite like the way he handled things.

Anisimov - Yevseev: Our first ever 'Accelerated Chinese Variation' or perhaps that's not quite an accurate description:

Oh I'll let you decide but I'm sure you'll agree it's definitely food for thought.

Kjartansson - Gaponenko: A main line 9 0-0-0 Yugoslav but in the 9...Bd7 variation that the talented Nakamura won nicely with in the last update:

White adopts a standard system this time although this features a possibly important black novelty.

Danin - Moskalenko: We are talking 9 0-0-0 d5 here and could the Dragon just be a draw? Well certainly this game was but we shouldn't panic!

Castellanos - Garcia Gata: Dynamic and impressive play in the normal move order 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Chinese variation with a low rated player clearly punching above his weight.

Well I'm actually going to play some chess before I report back so here's hoping that I have a Dragon game or two.

Best wishes Chris

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