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Hi guys!
Kicking off this month's update we have one of my own games from the recent Ghent Open; a tournament that I might have won had I not had zero sleep the night before the early last round game, due to a fire in my hotel forcing me to evacuate my room!

Download PGN of July '08 Dragon Sicilian games

Anyway I'm not bitter really(!) and Timmermans - Ward introduces as a main annotation possibly a significant development in the Accelerated Dragadorf:

Viewing Sax - Gaponenko was like a trip down memory lane for me but it is curious as to why in the 9 Bc4 with ....Qa5, White repeats a line which I thought everybody knew was fine for Black rather than one of the more critical variations.

Ponizil - Daulyte also sees White repeat a known error, whilst Hansen - Khachiyan has Black trading knights on d4 even earlier and also not get tested.

Young Magnus continues to keep faith with the Dragon and by the looks of it some of his opponents have given up on trying to refute his home preparation. With White employing an un-inspirational Classical variation, Nisipeanu - Carlsen sees Black take charge from an early stage completely outplaying his strong opponent.

Finally, Rogic - Brkic features the rare 6 h3 with White:

if you like seeking an Accelerated Fianchetto system by getting in g4 in one turn. It turns out pretty ugly though capping a pretty lousy month for White on this site. I'm not biased- honest!

Okay back real soon, Chris

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