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What's new in June 2003

Hi everyone!

It has always been my intention to try to get to grips with this forum business but well at least I check out all the e-mails that get forwarded to me via (I think!).

To download the June '03 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games.

Anyway this month you will note that there is a scintillating Grab Bag which includes the odd message or two that I found on the forum recently (see, I have been there!). In addition there are the following games:


Probably not the real names(!), this is an entertaining reader submission put under the microscope. An excited subscriber and a critical variation.

Bratovic - Starostits:

Is this another promising Dragon sideline for Black or is it just garbage?

Feletar - Struk:

A rare (for this site!) 'Soltis' variation going pretty much by the book.

Smirnov - Gashimov:

Top players doing battle in yet another currently critical Yugoslav Attack line.

Anderson - Kiewra:

A 6 g3 Dragon variation with opposite side castling. Whatever is the World coming to?

I promise I'll bring the Accelerated Dragon back into the equation soon. Now I'm off to play in Copenhagen. Hope I'll have something interesting to report upon my return.

Best wishes to all.


Either leave a message for me on the Dragons Forum, or email me at Chris (for subscribers only!)