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Hi guys!
This is an exciting time for fans of the 'Soltis' variation or closely related h4 and ...h5 systems and young Magnus Carlsen has provided a fresh impetus to the Dragon. He features heavily this update and let's hope he continues to do so in the future too!

Download PGN of June '08 Dragon Sicilian games

Okay without further ado this month I have for you:

Radjabov - Carlsen: As promised last month an exciting tussle that should help to provide confidence to Dragoneers all over the World.

Szabo - Torma: Another game in what is rapidly becoming the main line of the now famous 'refined prophylaxis' variation, here though with 14...Qa5:

instead of Carlsen's preferred 14...Nc4.

Varadi - Roganovic: You know I think that we're going to need to come up with some more names for these systems but anyway you'll recognise this one:

It's the Soltis with the knight on a5 rather than e5 and here we investigate the early ...Nxb3+.

Wisniowska - Rooze: Effectively a 9 0-0-0 Bd7 system with another h4 ...h5 blocker. A good example of White being punished for slow play.

Delgado Ramirez-Alvarez Pedraza: Hot on the heels of the May (2008) update's exciting (yes I mean it!) Classical variation White tries to deviate from the norm with 9 h4?!:

It doesn't appeal to me as much as last month's intriguing idea and here White is duly punished.

Czebe - Kiss: A debut for 10 Qe3!? in the ...Nxd4 Accelerated Dragon but ultimately we don't see anything particularly new as it transposes back to well trodden paths. Still it's all useful information!

Hope you are all well and I'll see you back here in a month. Cheers, Chris

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