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Hi everyone!
Chris and Gawain reporting for duty and this month we have 5 long games and 2 quickies for you.

Download PGN of June '09 Dragon Sicilian games

Getting the miniatures out of the way we have:

Anon - Daley,J which was sort of a very offbeat Yugoslav Attack but definitely a very impressive display from a young player demonstrating some nifty Dragon tactics.

Lojanica - Jones was officially a Chinese Dragon but White moves off the beaten track and then makes a blunder of epic proportions by somewhat under-estimating the power of the Dragon bishop!

Black to play and win!

Moving up a gear and Yu Shaoteng-Le Quang Liem brings to the table a rare idea against the problematic 12 Kb1 in the form of the pawn sacrifice 12...b5:

We could well be seeing more of this in the future.

Fedorchuk - Laurent saw another outing with the intriguing early ...h5. Black delays castling so it's not strictly a 9 0-0-0 variation, especially as White soon parks his bishop on c4 anyhow.

I was going to say that Ivanchuk - Carlsen was a more regular 9 0-0-0 variation, but that isn't quite true as although it is 9 ...d5, Black dabbles in one of the relative side lines and then hits his opponent with the rare 14...Qc7:

Black seems to have plenty of reasonable options available to him these days.

When I first introduced the Accelerated Dragadorf to this site I suggested a particular line that might be the critical test and Kamsky - Hess features just that variation:

Previous action on this site has suggested that Black is holding his own here, and this alters nothing.

Finally, I wonder if we will ever see the likes of Brooks - Kudrin again? Yep, I can't really see 6 Bb5+ and 7 g4 taking off:

but both players are strong and there can be no denying the entertainment value here!

Hope you're all well and we'll see you soon. Chris (and Gawain)

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