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What's new in March 2002

Hi guys (and girls?)!

Well I've definitely been receiving some mail. Actually mainly from the same person but nevertheless there is a grab bag this month. Check it out!

All this month's new games are easily downloaded in PGN format using ChessPub.exe, open ChessPub.exe, put the date on, say, 22nd April 2002, and then click on 'Dragon', over on the right. All these games should appear (and the new ChessPub Guides, too)!

You can also enter the specific ECO code if you are only interested in a particular opening. Download PGN of March '02 Dragon Sicilian games

On the games front, English Grandmaster Murray Chandler is in for a torrid time as he goes down to both myself and Matthew Turner in the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon (a neat way of avoiding the 3 Bb5 Sicilian).

The game Lindh-Engström is an annotated reader submission related to a grab-bag letter about a 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack line with ...Qa5 and Kb1, h4 etc. You know what I mean! Also a B79, Magem Badals-Guerra Bastida sees Kb1 replaced by g4 and another early exchange sac on c3 is scrutinized.

No doubt of much interest will be Svidler-Golubev which adds more weight to what I'm about to call the anti ...Rc8 system. Already very popular, it could be a case of back to the drawing board for Black.

Finally the exciting Hansen-Djurhuus in which the 9 0-0-0 Bd7 observes the common pawns for pieces scenario.

Month wise I'll catch up eventually I promise!

Bye for now!