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Hi everyone!
Browsing through the forum I noticed a bit of concern about the Accelerated Dragadorf particularly in relation to Khalifman's assessment of the opening. Coincidentally, I then had a game with it in which I employed an over the board novelty.
Also, look out for my new-style playable Classical & others eBook which is ready to download now.

Download PGN of March '09 Dragon Sicilian games

To start with then we have:

McDonald - Ward which features some complex variations and some of my views on favourable transpositions to the standard Dragadorf. Frankly I don't know what all the fuss is about!

On to the normal Dragon and the Yugoslav Attack, and reflecting its apparent recent increase in popularity I start with a 9 g4 encounter:

Well, actually Pogonina - Dzagnidze was strictly speaking 8 g4, and that only seemed to cloud the issue as it didn't really transpose to a normal line at all.

In contrast Olafson - Perunavic was a 9 0-0-0 Bd7 10 g4 system which continues to make regular appearances and yet apparently many a White player over-estimates the concept of 13 Nd5:

This game should serve as a lesson.

My thanks go to forum contributor 'chessmoby' for posting a very entertaining game between two computer engines. Unsurprisingly no real blunders were made in this game, and as it was in one of the main lines of the Soltis variation I couldn't resist annotating Fritz 6-Shredder

Regular subscribers will know that for a while the 9 Bc4 with ...Qc7 line was rather popular, with no real refutation forthcoming:

In Chirila - Jianu the critical line is finally tackled, with one of the leading exponents demonstrating the resources available to the second player.

Finally away from the Yugoslav Attack Sikula - Polzin is an old style Classical variation. White gets to park a knight on d5, set up a bind and work with a space advantage, but this game and associated notes show that Black has plenty of opportunities to try and mix things up.

Hope you are all well.

Best wishes, Chris

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