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Hi everyone!

Six reasonable offerings and an interesting fact for you this month.

Download PGN of May '05 Dragon Sicilian games

First, a disaster for Black in the Hyper Accelerated Dragon/c3 Hybrid:

See Houska - Gaponenko.

Krejci - Cernousek gives some hope for Black in a critical 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack ...Qa5 line:

The critical position after 14...b4.

Next up, two Black victories in the Chinese variation:

Don't miss Chocenka - Sakalauskas and Chen Fan-Bu Xiangzhi

And then we have the good old 9 0-0-0 Yugoslav Attack starting with a 9...d5, Charbonneau - Snape.

Then the rare 9...Qa5:

in Yakovich - Pogonina.

AND Finally a 9...Bd7 which interestingly is the quickest Dragon victory by either colour in the TWICS post Megabase 2005.

I thought you might like to know that. (Note no divine intervention there as Jesus loses in 15 moves!).

Try to guess White's next move, a blunder!

Then play through De Andres Valvidia-Valden.

June will be soon, and Eric, drop me an e-mail some time.

Bye for now


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