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Hi guys!
Finally a month without a Dragadorf, but I'm sure that it will feature again soon!

Download PGN of May '07 Dragon Sicilian games

What I do have though is:

Ardeleanu - Kacheishvili: An interesting Hyper-Accelerated Dragon with a neat combination and plenty of warnings about fork tricks!

Kaplan - Khalifman: Why oh why do White players keep wheeling out this Classical Karpov variation?

A smooth Black win by one of the leading Dragon experts.

Kotronius - Carlsson: I've also never had much time for the 'fianchetto variation' and guess what? I still don't!

Tactics with 6 g3 but ultimately unfavourable ones for White.

Zivanovic - Vucinic: With all due respect to the players concerned, a sort of beginner's corner game. White players must learn not to keep making these same standard errors or these type of outcomes will result!

Stativkin - Alaguzov: The Yugoslav Attack with 9 0-0-0 d5:

It's been a good month for the Dragon and this game shows why many rate the dragon bishop to be as good as a white rook.

Jakovenko - Jianu: The real meat and potatoes game of the month. I've spent a lot of time on this game so I hope you guys get something good out of it. Instead of ...Rb8 and ...Na5 we have ...Na5 and ...Qc7!? but possibly only if White plays h4 before 0-0-0:

An old idea making a reappearance in a very modern line (note the move order subtleties) and very interesting stuff.

See you soon, Chris

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