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Hi guys!
It's very encouraging to see the likes of Magnus Carlsen put his weight behind the Dragon!

Download PGN of May '08 Dragon Sicilian games

In fact this month I start with Karjakin - Carlsen in the 9 Bc4 line that well, I think we're going to have to come up with a good name for, with 12...Re8:

It's very 'Soltis' like and, coincidentally, next month I will bring you a game of his in the pure Soltis Variation.

There is no ...h5 blocker in Sondermann - Kahn though, which is a game full of neat combinations that seems to suggest that the variation is a forced draw. Don't go returning to the Petroff just yet though!

Still in the Yugoslav Attack but moving away from 9 Bc4 we have the good old exchange sacrifice debate in Nuri - Gerber:

I've never liked the idea of 10 Nxe6?! here, but nevertheless this game is very instructive.

Whoever said that the queen and knight is the most deadly attacking combination might wish to change their mind after seeing Dusthageer - Konguvel, or at least my notes to it. This time an inferior variation for White in 9 0-0-0 d5, which by the way it seems that even more top players are now putting their faith in as Black.

Away from the Yugoslav and Rublevsky - Zvjaginsev is a different sort of Classical as it gets very sharp very quickly and not in Black's favour:

Dragon players beware.

Finally, another entertaining tactical sequence pops up in an Accelerated Dragon Maroczy Bind, and as those are few and far between I've milked every drop of Balogh - Guisenov. So the ...a5-a4 plan makes a return, but does it really challenge White's domination?

Hope you are all well, and I look forward to being back in June. Chris

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