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Hi everyone!
Well I'll tell you the first thing that's new, and that is that I'm delighted to say that the talented young Dragon-playing English GM Gawain Jones will be contributing to this site quite a bit in the future, and the future begins here and now today with 4 annotations:

Download PGN of May '09 Dragon Sicilian games

Guisenov - Jones: A 9 Bc4 Rc8 line that looked like a Soltis but without ...h5. An unusual move order which ultimately transposed to a ...Qa5 with Bg5 variation that in fact we've featured quite a lot of before on this site:

Grozpeter - Torma: It's the forum favourite, we're talking 12 Kb1 Re8 13 h4 h5 and 14 g4, here though with Black responding with the rare 14...Qa5:

Stanojoshi - Parligras: More 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack in the same trendy line but this time with the complex 14...hxg4:

Dominguez - Radjabov: A more standard Soltis move order this time only with the less common 15 f4 in a top level encounter:

Szabo - Anka: The Kb1 with h4 system was one that has put a dampener on the ...Qa5 system in the past but if this game is anything to go by then it would appear that Black can tolerate the endgames after the ...b5 pawn sac.

Hunt - Pixton: Moving away from 9 Bc4 but staying with the Yugoslav Attack, could it be that 15...Bf7 keeps Black in business in the 9 0-0-0 Nxd4 10 Bxd4 Be6 system?

It might not be a lot of fun for Black but it certainly is food for thought.

Hope everyone is well. See you all soon. Chris

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