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Hi people!
First up thanks to Dennis Monokroussos for his e-mail drawing my attention to the endgame annotation in one of last month's games. I can assure you that Gawain was tired and not drunk (they work us hard at ChessPublishing!)! Anyway, of course you were quite right but that has been corrected now and so on to this month...

Download PGN of May '10 Dragon Sicilian games

Sharma - Li Chao2 helps bring 9...a5 into the public eye in the 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack:

Maslak - Gochelashvili effectively transposes to one of those funny Soltis variations, this time comparing the trade off between Kb1 and ...a6.

Prasanna - Karpatchev is the main line 9 0-0-0 d5 but I can't see 16...f5?! taking off!

Biolek - Gratochvil switches to the Dragadorf, and in particular a lesson on the importance of the blocking ...h5 here:

Kovalev - Szalanczy is a main line Classical Dragon with a funny move order and finally...

Adams - Ward is a Hyper-Accelerated Dragon, well with 3 c3 and White choosing to accept an IQP rather than advance with e4-e5.

Okay, I am keeping an eye on any developments in that 9 g4 with Nxe6 line, and have some ideas that I will share with you in the not too distant future.

Bye for now though.

Chris and Gawain

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