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Hello everybody!

Well it's not the largest one ever but this month does come with a Grab Bag. Thanks for sending in mail and do remember that although I can't promise to annotate all games sent in, I always give attention to received e-mails. If you think I haven't then it has probably got lost somewhere and so do write in again.

Download PGN of November '05 Dragon Sicilian games

Anyway this month I have for you:

Thesing - Naundorf: An annotation of a subscriber sent in game that introduces an interesting way of tackling the 6 Nc2 Maroczy Bind with ...a6:

Ivanchuk - Tiviakov: Okay this Accelerated Dragon game itself isn't a thriller but I am responding to a request to take a look at some of Ivanchuk's recent (relevant to this site) encounters

and there are some interesting and theoretically important sidelines.

Leake - Ward: Of course I feel obliged to at least mention any Dragon games that I myself get and this is one of three encounters this month that the average person just with the likes of Megabase and TWIC wouldn't have been able to see. It's a Dragon/Najdorf hybrid and definitely of some relevance.

Here is the position after 11...h6!?:

Singh - Harper: Another subscriber submission and this 9 0-0-0 Yugoslav is short, sweet and for Black, no doubt especially enjoyable.

Negi - Papin: It's 'refined prophylaxis' (I just love that title!):

and the Dragon seems to be looking good in a lot of variations at present.

Rohit - Can: An instructive White win against the Chinese variation:

but provided this sort of thing isn't repeated, it is no cause for alarm.

In case I don't complete the next update beforehand, let me take this opportunity to wish all of my subscribers a MERRY CHRISTMAS but as I'm confident of staying punctual, I won't wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR just yet!

Bye for now.


To get in touch with me, either leave a message for me on the Dragons Forum, or email me at Chris (for subscribers only!)