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What's new in October 2003

Hi guys!

Well here I am (as a coach) at the World Youth Championships in Greece doing some intrepid Dragon reporting. I can tell you that there have been a fair few relevant encounters here and with specific relevance to the England squad you will find some interesting annotations.

To download the October '03 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games

Yep it's an action packed month although:

Anon - Ward; is a Classical variation that flatters to deceive:

The so called 'Zollner Gambit'. A trappy line for all concerned to note but beware you should be warned that it seems to lack the meat and potatoes!

On to the Yugoslav Attack and:

Deepan Chakkravarthy-Jones; is a side line 9 0-0-0 d5:

which is full of incident. Nevertheless I can promise you a more critical game of the promising English junior in November.

I will have to prioritise the Chinese variation in the roadmaps soon as again there are a couple of encounters with it this month:

Sanchez Enrique-Wu; shows the attraction of 10...Rb8:

and why there is plenty of scope for new analysis.

Mariano Nelson III-Wu; questions whether or not it is really a forced draw! Surely not!?

Still within the realms of 9 Bc4, if White wants to avoid the Chinese variation then 10 h4 gets to the point:

Black can of course return to the other main lines (effectively having side-stepped that frustrating Kb1 and g4 system; gee I need a real name for that!).

However, Szelag - Papa; sees Black dabbling in an early pawn sac. Intriguing stuff.

Effectively the Yugoslav Attack, although with an early Bb3:

the game Moreno Carnero-Korneev; investigates some of the thrills and spills in an early ...b5 and ...a5 system. I quite like that for Black though not necessarily the way it was played here.

Away from the normal Dragon, the odd encounter

Roelli - Gilbert; appears difficult to categorise. Officially classified by ChessBase as a 'Semi-Accelerated Dragon', it looks to me more of a mix and match. Either way not recommended for White!

Finally, Borisek - Tronenkovs; is a standard Accelerated Dragon where Black is ruthlessly punished for a spot of pawn grabbing:

I'm slightly surprised that Black didn't know that White's a-pawn was more than a little poisoned here, but he does now!

Well that's it guys (not a bad update if I say so myself!). When I return I will see what's going on in the forum and you can expect me back with more thrills and spills in about 3 weeks. That's me done. By for now,

(A very tired) Chris

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