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Hi everyone,

Actually time is going to get a bit warped in this month's update as I dedicate it entirely to the Dragon exploits of the England junior squad in the World Youth championships.

As it happens that took place in November but I can tell you that there were some interesting theoretical developments. I shared some of my ideas with all the age groups up to under 18's (of which the boys event in particular was of a very high level).

Download PGN of October '04 Dragon Sicilian games

Specifically then there is:

Friedel - Jones: It was a subscriber who first brought this sort of 'ANTI anti Chinese Dragon' idea of Fedorov's to my attention:

I have been intrigued about it ever since and after providing Gawain with a sound basis of which to work on, he produces this impressive encounter.

Devangi - Parmar: A Chinese Dragon with a slightly different ...Rxc3 sac here:

, that should not have ended in defeat.

Zhou - Kirk: An amazingly theoretical 9 Bc4 with ...Qa5 Yugoslav in an age group where most are just getting to grips with how to move the pieces!

Bucar - Parmar: England's girls U-12 representative appears to make short work of a dull 9 0-0-0 Nxd4 line but is all as it seems?

Nikhilesh - Trent: Some subscribers are going to be very happy with this one as it introduces to the site an alternative (to sacrificing the queen) way of meeting 10 Kb1 after 9 0-0-0 d5 with 10...Rb8!?:

Song - Parmar: A very impressive display of how to deal with the Levenfish:

(at least for 90% of the game!)

Zawadzka - Gilbert: Useful Maroczy Bind theory in an Accelerated Dragon is demonstrated as Black grabs a good hot pawn!

I hope you enjoy these games as a lot of work went into their annotations. I haven't forgotten about a ...b5 question and that will appear in a grab-bag in just a few days when I'll also be talking about a new book entitled 'Experts against the Sicilian'.

See you soon


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