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What's new in September 2003

Hi everybody!

I'll be honest with you guys, I wish I was playing more chess. At the moment I feel like one of those detectives in American films who has been assigned to a desk job when really they want to be (and usually do end up) out on the streets shooting baddies. Well I don't necessarily want to be shooting anyone, but I do want to be back on the tournament scene more and when the time is right I will drop all of my other responsibilities to do just that!

To download the September '03 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games

There I've got that off my chest but of more relevance to you is that I promise you a bumper update soon when I am preparing to once more wheel out the Dragon on a regular competitive basis. I also promise an Accelerated Dragon or two next month but for now you have:

Anderson - Khackiyan: A Soltis variation where White prised open the h-file with great success:

The position after 16 g4.

Zubov - Kislinsky: Is it my imagination or is the whole Yugoslav Attack 9 Bc4 Nd7 thing becoming more popular? Well it certainly is appearing more on this site and this time Black conducts an excellent offensive.

Here the knights aim for c4.

Tseshkovsky - Tiviakov: The same line only this time Black is more than happy with a draw. Intriguing stuff.

Although 10 0-0-0 has been more popular in recent times, as Black's typically defensive knight has left the monarch, there is a good argument for getting straight to work on the h-file with 10 h4 as above.

Hortensius - Parmar: You can always rely on youngsters to have no fear. The conclusion of one junior from this Yugoslav Attack 9 Bc4 with ...Qa5 and h4 with g4 game is that the Dragon wins! A somewhat different opinion from the crisis that this line is supposed to be suffering!

Borisek - Woodward: Another Dragon involving one of my pupils competing in the recent European Youth Championships:

Annotated by the 'Chinese Dragon' player himself with lines checked by his coach!

I'll be back!


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