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Hi everyone,

It's all Yugoslav Attack this month starting with a couple of games in a very trendy 9 Bc4 variation!

Download PGN of September '04 Dragon Sicilian games

Both games feature 12...b5:

But whereas:

Faraoni - Lalic: promised so much more,

Bakre - Kadziolka: definitely delivered!


Salmon - Pogonina: is an old fashioned Soltis Variation:

in which White gets nothing, but in

Sammalvuo - Forsaa: he definitely does. A familiar theme employed this time courtesy of 9 g4:

Despite claims that the Dragon has been all analysed out, new ideas continue to surface. I'm always suspicious when they involve pawn moves (rather than piece play) for Black and I doubt that the 9 0-0-0 a5:


Prodescu - Bailey: is going to take off!

Ghinea - Pokorny: was also painfully slow for Black, too, and serves as a warning to players intending to employ this ...a6 and ...b5 idea. Don't castle too soon!

Another early pawn move in ...b5 has been queried recently and without giving anything away I will be taking a look at that in the next update.

Until then


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