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You guys on the forum (and hopefully subscribers!) are great. I'm not sure that I'm too keen on being called Chris 'Emergency' Ward but the guy that keeps contributing the posts to the effect of 'Well the Dragon is obviously losing so if it's all the same with you lot I think I'll just stick with the Najdorf!' is amusing if not exactly constructive. I notice he keeps tabs on what's going on though just in case you lot prove the Dragon to be a forced win!

Download PGN of September '07 Dragon Sicilian games

Actually at the recent wedding reception of Grandmaster Michael Adams I was having some discussions about the possibility of writing a book on everybody's favourite Dragon/Najdorf Hybrid and I came up with the possible title of 'Enter the Dragadorf!'. That however doesn't mean that I'll definitely be writing one in the near future, as due to the immense amount of work that is involved in writing opening books these days, and my other commitments, I had decided to have a break from writing them. Somehow my friend and fellow host John Emms persuaded me to contribute towards his 'Dangerous Weapons' series but that was my limit. I do, however, concede that the amount of practical encounters in the Dragadorf/Accelerated Dragadorf wouldn't be overwhelming, but anyway, for all I know, plans might be afoot for such a book elsewhere in the world at this very moment!

As was mentioned in the forum, books aside you can't go too far wrong with following this developing opening's progress on this site as I am constantly monitoring the situation and keeping subscribers informed in the updates.

Indeed that is a good starting point for September 2007's games as I have for you:

Kotronias - Gelashvili: Possibly even the first Dragadorf game I annotated for this site featured the Nc6xe7 tactic that makes a reappearance here:

but although I greatly respect the view of the ex Greek Grandmaster Kotronias, I don't think that Black need be too worried.

Yap - Kudrin: Textbook (or not, as the case may be!) Accelerated Dragadorf! This game highlights all the virtues of delaying ...Bg7 and once Black gets the variation he is after, his instructive play is a delight to watch.

Onoprienko - Matorin: This is why you can't help but love the Dragon! A new idea surfaces involving ...a6 and ...b5:

Even in a 9 Bc4 Yugoslav Attack where Black has already castled it proves surprisingly effective. Time will prove whether it is sound, but nevertheless it's simply great stuff!

Brunello - Mogranzini: Staying with 9 Bc4 I have noticed a shift in interest to the 9...Nd7 variation and consequently this month and next I'm going to bring it back under the spotlight. This impressive encounter brings something new to the table for Black in the 10 0-0-0 line:

but in October 2007 I plan to revisit 10 h4.

Finally, responding to the request of featuring non-Yugoslav Attack lines, this month the focus is on the most popular of those, 6 Bc4:

Zhou Weiqi-Li Chao: Another line where Black appears to be comfortable in the unambitious variation with Be3. Okay, so I'm not saying that White should really be worse in these lines but a tactic goes horribly wrong for the first player in this tussle.

Pokorna - Gelashvili: This time White omits Be3 but Black gets in an early ...Be6:

Very interesting stuff and a promising encounter that rounds off a good month for Black.

See you in October.

Best wishes Chris

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