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Welcome to the August Update which is somewhat curtailed due to family holidays and work commitments abroad. This is traditionally an awkward month for me so I hope you'll forgive and bear with me until September.

Nevertheless we still have some fascinating chess for you and I've included a couple of older games which may point the way forward even today.

Download PGN of August '05 1 e4 ... games

Hippopotamus Defence

Have a look at Kogan - Spassky where Black angles for a Hippo formation by delaying ...g6 and developing the queenside first:

Greet - Conquest is hot off the press from the British Championships on the Isle of Man and yet again White fails to find a good way of meeting the Hippo. White's position after 11 Rfe1:

is all dressed up with nowhere to you will see.

Scandinavian Defence

In the Scandinavian Eric Prie has a very interesting novelty for us, 13...Qc7:

which all but defuses a dangerous attacking White system, see Game 3.

Pirc/Modern Defence

There are two Pirc Defences of particular interest.

The old and little-known game Seirawan - Ganz shows just how dangerous 5 g4:

can be whereas Karjakin - Petrosian shows the young genius coming unstuck in one of the main lines of the Austrian Attack i.e. 19 Bxg6??:

losing material.


To close, Ye - Azmaiparashvili again features new directions, this time in the solid 4...Bf5 line of the Caro. Check out Black's unusual 15...Qe7:

against which Ye can make no impression.

That's it for now-I'll catch you all in September.

Best Wishes, Andrew

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