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Hi everyone, welcome to another update!

Download PGN of December '05 1 e4 ... games

Scandinavian Defence

We kick off this month's edition with a recently finished correspondence game of my own against WGM Susan Lalic. In my view it shows the way for White to play against the Portuguese Gambit: 1 e4 d5 2 exd5 Nf6 3 d4 Bg4?!:

, despite Susan's interesting innovation, see Game 1.

We revisit our old enemy 6 g3; an enemy if you play 3...Qd6 at least, and see that it isn't quite as fearsome as the recent NIC article suggests. Check out Zelcic - Sermek ... 17...Rhf8:

Alekhine's Defence

Moving on to the Alekhine we see 'co author' John Cox struggling for equality in the Miles Variation of the Modern (5...c6). In my opinion Black isn't quite equal after 14 c4:

, and he only had one difficult chance the whole game through, see Game 3.

Pirc/Modern Defence

Zhigalko - Berkes shapes up very nastily for Black after 14 Bxb5!:

but somehow Black actually wins this position! Typical of the Modern!

What would you call the opening after 6 c4 in Anand - Gurevich?

Black is truly unlucky in this game after unleashing an excellent sacrifice, as you will see.


Over to the Caro for 3 games and in Game 6 Azmaiparashvili gives us the novelty 8...Bxc5 in the Short variation of the Advance:

Mind you, not all novelties are good!

To finish two games with the interesting move-order 1 e4 g6 2 d4 c6:

, which I have christened The New Modern and which I'll be writing about for Everyman later on in the New Year. Black wins both Game 7 and Game 8, but keep an open mind!

It remains for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year and hand you over to Eric Prié for a month whilst I bring my own inimitable style to the d-Pawn Specials!


Please post you queries on the 1 e4 ... Forum, or subscribers can write to me at if you have any questions or queries.