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1 e4 Various July 2003 UPDATE

Wherever in the world you are enjoying ChessPublishing.Com, greetings and welcome to the July Update!

IM Andy Martin

To download the July '03 1 e4 ... games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

Does 6 g3

deal a fatal blow to the 3...Qd6 Scandinavian? In our featured Game 1 Sakaev builds up a nice edge against Kurajica. Perhaps Black should choose other than 5...a6.

Two fascinating Four Pawn Attacks for you this month. In Kobese - Bouah I really don't rate 9...Bb4

for Black. I don't think this move mixes too well with an early ...Nc6. Meanwhile Movsesian - Luther is a very uncompromising battle- White's 10 d6!?

sets the tone.

Del Rio Angelis-Conquest is a third Alekhine with Black in typically experimental mood. I like 6 Be2! but White improvises with 6 Bd3

a none too successful idea. Black correctly uses the Bishop as a target and we find that after 8...Nb4 and 9...Bf5!

, he's working up useful counterplay.

Shabalov - Burnett is a swashbuckling Modern where Black gives as good as he gets against White's hyper-aggression. I am really impressed with Burnett's way of playing and you will see that after 10...f6!

he more or less forces White into an unclear piece sacrifice.

I am not sure how or what to call Furdzik - Blatny apart from a game of startling originality. One glance at the position after 8...Bh6

and you will see what I mean.

Two Caro's close the set. Take a look at Mrdja's 5 Ng5!?

in Game 7 - surely it's no good here? Case unproven.

Finally, Akopian - Bareev, a heavyweight contest where Black soaks it up and spits it out. I will try to show that in this topical main line of the Capabalanca system 15...Qd5 is less promising than 15...Qa5:

The next update will be coming live to you from the British Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland. Until that happy day, have a great time!


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