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Welcome to the July Update. A bumper package of games awaits you this month.

Download PGN of July '05 1 e4 ... games

Scandinavian Defence

First, in Game 1 Cheparinov makes 9 Ng3 look good in the critical Mainline of the 3...Qa5 Scandinavian:

I point out improvements for Black.

Next, we examine a little-known continuation in the Scandinavian, Reprintsev's 5...Ne4:

Three relatively new games show that there is much to think about here: see Game 2, Game 3 and Game 4.

Pirc/Modern Defence

Then come three further games from my soon-to-be-published Batsford book on the Hippopotamus Modern which I have found to be a fascinating project.

Take a look at the position after 18...c6 in Nezhmetdinov - Ujtelky:

Something to savour isn't it?

Baker - Davies is another outing for 4...e6 against the Austrian Attack:

An older game but very worthwhile and have you seen it before?

Finally, Baki - Ionov is a Modern from 2005. I make the point in the book that Black should not play the Hippo against every White system and particularly the line where White plays an early Be3 omitting a2-a4. This game demonstrates the risks involved for White after 6 0-0-0:


In the Panov Caro what do you think of 4 c4 Nf6 5 Nc3 e6 6 c5!?:

Like a delayed Gundaram's. An innovation coming up here in Game 8 for White, who wins rapidly.

We move to 3 Nc3 dxe4 4 Nxe4 Nd7 and a state of the art draw between Svidler and Bologan. Lots of theory here and a novelty to boot.

Finally, Khenkin produces yet another novelty 15...cxd5!:

in Game ten which looks very good for Black.

So, all in all, plenty to keep you going for yet another month and I'll see you in August, where I will be reporting from the British Championship on the Isle of Man.

Best Wishes, Andrew

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