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1 e4 Various June 2003 UPDATE

Welcome to the June Update. Lots of goodies on hand this month.

IM Andy Martin

To download the June '03 1 e4 ... games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

In the 2...Qxd5 Scandinavian it's not really a good idea to play 3 d4. In Game 1 Karpov will show that 3...e5!

at least equalizes for Black.

A different early central advance by White occurs after 1 e4 d5 2 exd5 Nf6 3 d4 Nxd5 4 c4 but this can also be dealt with comfortably by the energetic 4...Nb6 5 Nc3 e5!

, hitting hard whilst White's pieces are all sitting on the back rank. Our game is Belaska - Sikora Lurch and ends in a crunching win for Black.

Fellow Chess Publishing authors are very well represented this month - they play very interesting chess!

In Game 3 Gallagher gets on top of Wohl in an Alekhine Defence - I don't like 5...c6

Meanwhile Gary Lane duffs up the Kengis system. After 12 Qg4!

he pursues the attack with commendable vigour, see Game 4.

Finally Neil McDonald comes to grief hammering away at the Caro-Kann wall in Game 8 - his 12 f4

shapes the game and not necessarily in White's favour.

The Caro-Kann features exclusively in the rest of the games, too; it is certainly very popular these days.

Take a look at Sveshnikov - Gagunashvili where Black lays down the gauntlet after 1 e4 c6 2 d4 d5 3 e5 Bf5 4 h4 h6!? 5 g4 Bh7 6 e6 Qd6!?

I thought this was awful for Black but the analysis suggests otherwise.

In Game 6 Lputian beats an ambitious Bologan in the Panov with the novel 11 Nxd5!?

Simplification rarely favours the guy with the isolated pawn but this game is the exception.

Finally Iotov - Genov is a nice win for Black. After 13...Nd5!

he has a practically won game and all this with the solid Capablanca Variation. Makes you think!

Have a great month.

IM Andrew Martin

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