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Download PGN of June '06 1 e4 ... games

This month:

Scandinavian Defence

We begin the June Update by returning to 5...Ne4 in the Centre-Counter main line to check out the recent game between Ponizil and Bombek. This is looking OK for Black; perhaps the main problem is the number of ways White can avoid it!

Game Two is another Scandinavian, showcasing Tiviakov's idea 4..c6:

, a solid antidote to 3 Nf3. But please don't play as Zatonskih did here! I demonstrate improvements for Black.

Our third Scandinavian shows that 3..Qd6:

is also in very good shape these days.

I have also had a look at 5 Nge2 in the notes, where White plans Bf4, Qd3-f3 and long castles, see Saric - Milanovic.

Alekhine's Defence

Moving to the Alekhine, check out how Mamedyarov uses this tricky opening to create a complex and difficult position, from which he can outplay his weaker opponent. I am doubtful about Black's game after 10...f5:

however, and show why, - see Game four.


Game 5 sees Stuart Conquest at his best, using 3...c5 against the Advance Caro. After 13...0-0:

Black has definite compensation for a pawn and this position is discussed in some detail.

Two greats contest Game Six. Spassky's 7 h3:

doesn't look like much, but it is good enough for Karpov!

Game 7 is a Main Line Capablanca variation, where Gyimesi possibly shows the most accurate way of all for Black against 11 Bf4:

And finally, Game 8, where Hermannsson's new move 16 Ne4:

, bears spectacular fruit, but which really shouldn't give Black too many tremors.

Let's hope that your summer is going well. Summer hasn't quite started yet in England. While I write this it is raining heavily, as it has done every single day for the last week!


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