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Download PGN of March '06 1 e4 ... games

Scandinavian Defence

Two 3...Qd6 games in the Scandinavian kick off this month's update.

In the First Hasangatin introduces his new plan of 4...c6 5 Nf3 Bg4:

and in the second Black simply plays natural moves and in the final position after 13...Qc6:

White simply gives up in disgust! However, the analysis of this brevity, Keserovic - Lajthelm, will be of considerable interest to Scandinavian fans.

Alekhine's Defence

Moving on to the Alekhine, Raj Tischbierek has his own interpretation of the 4 Nf3 Bg4 variation from the Black side in Game 3, e.g. 10...a6!?:

Does this rehabilitate the whole line?

Pirc/Modern Defence

We move then to the Modern and a game from the rapidly improving Jessie Gilbert who, however, fails to win a won position. The opening play after 4..Nd7!?:

is worth checking out, see Game 4.

Ponomariov - Felgaer sees a Pirc turn into a Benko, which is a rare event! The skirmishes after 5...b5!:

are worth close attention.


On to the Caro and the Two Knights Variation of Romonov - Pustov. Black has no problems equalizing as usual e.g. 10...0-0=

, but in the end White's two Bishops gradually creep up on him!

Kryvorucko - Riazantsev from Cappelle features what looks like a devastating sacrifice by White - 18 Bxh6:

but Black shows great skill to hang on.

And finally, Game 8 is from the Queenstown Classic in New Zealand where Tibor Karolyi obligingly loses in 20 moves to a weaker opponent, all the fault of the mistimed 7...g6?!

That's it for now-see you in April!


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