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Welcome to the new update.

Download PGN of May '05 1 e4 ... games

Scandinavian Defence

It's a painful beginning for me in the first game as I get crushed by Simon Ansell whilst experimenting with 3...Qd6 in the Scandinavian. That will teach me! We can lay the blame on my poor seventh move 7...Bxf3?:

Simply 7...Bh5 leaves Black with a decent game. To this day I cannot explain why I took on f3.

Alekhine's Defence

The second game, a short demolition job by Alex Baburin in the Alekhine is interesting. Check out 7...Be6!?:

, which seems like a viable alternative to 7...Ke8.

Pirc/Modern Defence

Our third game is a Modern featuring 3 Be3:

, a very rare move. It's another one of my games, but I won't apologise for this one as Black wins in fine style.


Moving to Damljanovic - Nadj Hedjesi a typical IQP position arises in the Caro after 13 Qf3:

Most would prefer White here, but 13...Rc8! would not have been so bad for Black, as the notes show.

In Game 5 Gelashvili makes 4 h4:

look good in the Advance Caro but there were numerous ways for Black to improve, as you will see.

Then comes Ganguly - Rahman, two of the finest young Asian Grandmasters, who slug it out in an unusual version of the Modern. I don't personally like Rahman's 5...b6:

as it's too passive. Much better is 5...dxe4 6 fxe4 Nf6, with active counterplay.

Two main line Caro's close the set.

In the first Azmaiparashvili brings Karyakin to a standstill with excellent play and you should take a close look at his novelty, 15...Ng4! and the subsequent continuation, see Game 7.

Finally, in Game 8, Jonny Hector comes out with a novelty of doubtful quality: 12 Nd2

but it turns out to be good enough for Iorducescu in the end!

That's it for now!

Best Wishes, Andrew

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