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OCT 2002 1 e4... UPDATE

Welcome to my first update on this site. It's taken a little while for me to sort myself out hence the slight delay but I hope you feel that it was worth it and we should be back to schedule from now on.

IM Andy Martin

Modern Defence

This month I'd like to focus on recent developments in the Modern Defence. Black has been scoring very well recently, particularly against the Austrian Attack and lines with an early Be3, Qd2, those aggressive systems thought to give most trouble. I present the new ideas.

To download the October '02 1 e4 ... games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

Modern Defence [B06]

Against the Austrian Attack 4...a6

is right back in vogue. The most interesting game of the update is Delchev's win,where he seems to find an optimal move order culminating in 9...c5!

I contrast this with Svidler-Lobron where Black had nothing new to show and got pasted after 14 e6!

A further game Karajakin-Kotsur features the Gurganidze System- there I show how important it is for Black to stabilise his position with ...e7-e6 or he can be crushed e.g. 15 e6!!

Veterans Hort and Taimanov (B07) show their fangs e.g. 14...Qe8

where Hort outmanoeuvres his opponent using the Hippopotamus (which is featured more than once here- fascinating play) and 6 Be2

Geller's quiet system which you wouldn't think could lead to a wipe-out in 20 moves but does.

Please write to me at if you have any questions or queries and I wish you all a very good month.

IM Andrew Martin