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OCTOBER 2003 1 e4 ...UPDATE

Welcome to the October update, featuring the usual eclectic mix of games from around the world. Wherever you are, I hope that you are enjoying life and of course, the delights of Chess

IM Andy Martin

To download the October '03 1 e4 ... games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

The Update begins with a game which possibly threatens one of the main lines of the Alekhine. Observe the position after 9 b3!

in Aroshidze - Chigladze. White has easy development, a clear plan and Black is cramped. I suggest some ideas for Black to get out of this mess but remain unconvinced.

No such luck for White in the second Alekhine, Boroday - Moliboga, where White is quickly trounced. Boroday's 10 Qd2?

is a most unsuccessful novelty.

Moving on to the Modern ,the cheeky 3..a6!?

is employed in Motlyev - Chernyshov. I like to play like this with Black which might help to explain why my rating is not higher! At any rate White wins a splendid game.

The 'raison d'être ' for the Pirc-Modern complex is provided by two further games; Hulbard - Kamberi and Haskell - Donaldson. Complex tactical and strategical positions are created where difficult decisions have to be made. Black wins both.

Zipping forward to the Caro we come to the short draw Dvoryis - Grischuk, from the recent Russian Championship. The Two Knights variation features, a rarity in itself at this level and White boldly sacrifices a pawn. He gets positional pressure with two Bishops e.g. 13 Bg5

and Black defends accurately. All in all I don't think this line poses too much of a threat and the notes show why.

Rausis - Salem is an Advance Caro and a rapid win for White who uses unusual means. Check out the position after 6 c4!?

Not an everyday game!

Finally, Korneev - Dolmatov completes the set, A Panov-Botvinnik where Black sets the scene for his own downfall with 7...exd5?!

, a rather passive move. Dolmatov changes his mind halfway through and sacrifices the exchange e.g. 20...Bxd4

but Korneev plays extremely well and forces rapid victory.

So, some interesting sharp chess for you and plenty of food for thought.

I wish you all a good month.

IM Andrew Martin

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