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Welcome to the October Update.

Download PGN of October '04 1 e4 ... games

Scandinavian Defence

Speelman - Martin may be a short draw, but it is full of points of interest. I had never seen White's system before with 4 Nf3 5 Bc4 and 6 Qe2:

before and had to make it up as I went along. What I did was good, I think.

Ian Rogers makes a courageous attempt to revive the fortunes of 5...Bg4!?:

and succeeds in this month's featured game. I am not 100% convinced and the annotations point out why.

Pirc/Modern Defence

Veteran Grandmaster Jansa is not to be confused by the antics of Joksic e.g. 6...h6!?:

With his clear-cut play in Game 3 he seems, if not to refute the Hippopotamus, then certainly to put Black's opening strategy under the spotlight.

The next Modern seems on the surface to be a straightforward win for Paul Littlewood. Perhaps Tiller's 9...c5?!:

was a little too sharp, although I try to show that matters are not totally clear in Game 4.

Meanwhile Parligras - Jobova shows everything that is good about the Pirc defence, with a slashing Black attack against White's King. However, rather than White's sluggish 7 Kb1, 7 Bh6:

is a good deal more testing.

Check out Milov's 7 Qd4!?:

, a remarkable idea in what seems like it is going to be a regulation Austrian Attack. I provide lots of new analysis on this, see Game 6!


As usual, then, to the Caro to close the proceedings and in our 7th Game Milidanovic shows why the King's Indian Attack isn't really played very much anymore at a higher level. Black has just too many good ways to equalize.

For instance, in the featured game Black is already better after 9...Nf4!:

Speelman opened the set and it is fitting that he closes it in his new 1 e4 guise.

Basically, he outplays Jovanka Houska in Game 8, but Black was probably OK in this game, say instead of 9....bxc6 playing 9...Nxc6:


Well, that's it for now! I hope you all have a great month!


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